Monday, November 18, 2019

Assessment item 3 . Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Assessment item 3 . Report - Essay Example For instance, a study conducted among students at Loyola University of Chicago revealed that communication could facilitate a specific target that aims to change or reform something, which in this case was a campaign for social justice. The process involved using communication in order to advance the project, with undergraduate students applying communication theories into practice to facilitate talk and action, which resulted in a campus-wide initiative that spurred dialogue, debate, and consensus building. (Cissna 2009, p497) With the positive outcome of the project, it became clear that the theories that were put into practice successfully achieved the purpose and objectives of the students involved. This may be a very specific or small example, but that it demonstrated the potency of effective and systematic communication at work. Sluijsmans, Dochy and Moerkerke (1999) emphasized that, â€Å"students in modern organizations should be able to analyse information, to improve their problem-solving skills and communication and to reflect on their own role in the learning process.† (p293) II. ... Also, from the students’ end, the interest is also generated out of the desire to please and impress by how well a specific project or report is delivered in front of his or her classmates. One of such students remarked that â€Å"peer assessment is one of the most nerve-wracking class activities because one has to get the approval of not just one individual but a bunch of people.† (Personal Correspondence) Seger, Dochy and Cascallar (2003) succinctly defined peer assessment as the â€Å"arrangement for learners and/or workers to consider and specify the level, value or quality of a product or a performance of other equal-status learners and/or workers.† (p65) A research by Mizoguchi, Dillenbourg and Zhu (2006) on the subject reported that it has become a very popular instructional assessment method as it reached a particular level of reliability and effectiveness because it supposedly â€Å"improve the high-order thinking and learning motivation of students.â⠂¬  (p298) Unarguably, scholars and academics are quite enthusiastic about this learning model, which can be integrated in a number of classroom activities such as in writing, drafting portfolio, presentations, test performance, and even those that involve behaviors, and a number of others. It is safe to say the possibilities are endless to a creative teacher. Specific benefits of peer assessment, from the perspective of students, are as follows: Students learn in a non-threatening and often friendly environment. About 60 percent of students are, according to Irons and Alexander (2004), content to allow averaged final student assessments to be used summatively, but only if these were moderated by the teacher. (p93) There would be more feedback generated for a specific work or task done not just from the

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