Monday, November 25, 2019

Ethics in medicine essays

Ethics in medicine essays The pace of development in science and medicine is extremely rapid. Medicinal practices have advanced so far as to treat once devastating illnesses and have even evolved into a way to alter human genetic codes and structures. But when do these milestones cross the line of being ethical? How do we choose whether a medical or scientific breakthrough is morally right or dangerously wrong? Society can either reap the benefits of science or be presented with devastating results. Critics have viewed the development of atomic weapons as something that has caused far more problems than it has resolved. Some of them even consider some of their fellow colleagues discoveries tragedies rather than marvelous innovations. Bioethics is a combination of biology and diverse humanistic knowledge in scientific research for environmental and medical survival. Another way to define it would be to say that it is scientific research with a code of ethics. This concept helps scientists to produce ethical research that does more good than harm and is good for the community. Some people think science and medicine go too far in its developments and discoveries. However, whether or not scientific research appears ethical, to an extent, depends on the individuals personal desires, and could thus be the reason opinions differ on certain issues. Birth Control, life support systems, and abortion are controversial issues that science has brought up in society. Opposers to these issues have the tendency to believe that these scientific processes intervene with natural body processes and stages of life. They want these practices banned and fear long term consequences if they are not. While supporters of birth control believe it helps to prevent unwanted pregnancies as well as to dramatically control overpopulation, critics believe that it interferes with natural reproduction and has dangerous long term effects on a womens reproductiv...

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